5 Febbraio
Corporate Purpose and Social Responsibility
Louis Galambos, Jeff Sturchio e Rabin Martin

19 Marzo
African Business History: State of the art
Grietjie Verhoef

26 Marzo
Economic Theory and Business History. State of the art and controversies
Brian Loasby

16 Aprile
The Great Recession and Business History
Youssef Cassis

16 Maggio
Translating Theory Into Practice: The World Bank’s economic advisors in Ghana, 1960-85
Stephanie Decker

23 Maggio
The Evolution of Human Resources Management Practices in Italy: A historical-institutional perspective
Arnaldo Camuffo e Giovanni Costa

30 Maggio
Joint Stock Companies and Regional Economic Disparities in Italy: 1850-1913
Claudio Pavese e Pier Angelo Toninelli

Incontri di storia dell’impresa 2014

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