March, 31, 2015

A joint initiative by the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management (Bocconi University) and ASSI (Association of Italian Business Historians)

Bocconi University,
Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

Morning Session – Chair: Renato Giannetti, President of ASSI (Association of Italian Business Historians)

8.45 – Welcome Address – Giovanni Fattore, Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University and Eliana La Ferrara, Deputy Rector for Research

9.00 – Introduction – Renato Giannetti, ASSI

9.15 Francisco Romero (Bologna University), Networks, Alliances and Social Capital in Innovation Processes: The Case of Biotechnology at Puebla and Bologna

9.45 – Q&A from the audience

10.00 – Break

10.15 – Agostino Inguscio (Yale University), A Tale of Two Cities: Measuring the economic impact of the Third Crusade on the Genoese economy and commercial development

10.45 – Q&A from the audience

11.00 – Maddalena Chimisso (University of Molise), The Fiat Factory of Termoli: the (re)search of its territorial, economic and social transformations (1970-1992)

11.30 – Q&A from the audience

11.45 – Monica Bozzano (Unimore), The medieval woman-in-trade business: exploring the legacy on the education gender gap in liberal Italy

12.15 – Q&A from the audience

12.30 – Break & Lunch
Afternoon Session – Chair: Franco Amatori, Bocconi University

14.00 – Michele Pavino (University of Verona), Armstrong and the Italian Armaments’ market during the Age of Empire

14.30 – Q&A from the audience

14.45 – Anna Missiaia, Lund University, The industrial geography of Italy: provinces, regions and border effects, 1871-1911

15.15 – Q&A from the audience

15.30 – Break

16.00 – Tamas Vonyo, Bocconi University, Reconstruction Dynamics: The Impact of World War II on Post-War Economic Growth

16.30 – Q&A from the audience

16.45 – Alexandra Papadopoulou (Bocconi University and Ionian University), The integration of the Black sea region in the First Global Economy and the role of foreign businesses

17.15 – Q&A from the audience

17.30 – Conclusion: Anna Guagnini, University of Bologna

Young Researchers’ Day

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